League Rules



These rules replace any and all issued before March 25, 2019

For any rules, refer to the Softball Canada Rule Book.  Exceptions for the Airdrie Ladies’ Fastball League (the “League” or “ALFL”) are as follows:

  1. League Documents: The initial package of documents will include the following and will be available on the website:
    1. Prior Years’ AGM Minutes
    2. Prior Years’ Financials
    3. League Bylaws
    4. League Rules
    5. Acknowledgment of Bylaws and League Rules Form
    6. Waiver and Release & Code of Conduct Form
    7. Team Participation & Contacts Form

All forms listed above must be submitted online prior to the commencement of the first schedule game.

  1. Acknowledgements: All teams will be required to submit a signed Acknowledgement Form stating that the entire team is aware of and understands the League Rules and Bylaws.
  2. Waiver and Release Form: All players, coaches, or anyone affiliated with the team will be required to sign this form and will not be allowed to step onto any diamond to participate in any League game until this is completed online. If a player joins a team after the submission of the tentative roster, their name(s) must be added to the ALFL website & Alberta Softball website and have the waiver form completed online before playing. All players under the age of eighteen (18) years of age must have this form signed by a parent or legal guardian and must provide a copy of a current driver’s license.
  3. Contacts: All teams will be required to submit a Contacts Forms with the names of two (2) individuals (“Team Representative(s)”). The Team Representatives will be the only point of contact for the team in regards to League information; it is their responsibility to ensure that all information is relayed to the team.
  4. Fees: All fees and league insurance must be submitted by April 15th. Any changes or additions to the Roster must be completed online for ALFL and Alberta Softball.
  5. Tentative Roster: To be considered legal players, all players must have their names on the tentative roster and it must have been completed online by April 15th of the current season, unless otherwise noted in the current year’s AGM agenda. Changes to this will be accepted by the President until the Final roster is due. There will be no exceptions.
  6. Final Roster: The Final Roster must be submitted online before June 15th of the current season. Replacements may be added, but only if a player quits or moves. The replacement player must also have the five (5) games required before the play offs. Note that player(s) that were replaced cannot return during the current season. Maximum number of players for final rosters is in effect.
  7. League Points:
    1. Win - 2 points
    2. Tie - 1 point
    3. Loss - 0 points
  8. Base Measurements: The distance between bases is 60 feet. The distance from the front of the pitching mound to the point of home plate is 43 feet.
  9. Game Start Time: If a team cannot field within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled start time, the team unable to field will forfeit the game. A team must have eight players to play a game with an automatic out in the ninth position.
  10. Time Limited Games: All games will have a time limit of one hour & forty-five minutes from the start of the game. No new innings are to begin after one hour & thirty-five minutes.
  11. Double Header Games: These will occur Wednesdays and Sundays with the time limit in effect. This is occurring in order to complete the schedule because more games are desired.
  12. Rained Out Games: Should it appear that the weather is inclement, each team must check the website after 4:30pm for a posting by the Website Coordinator.  If no message appears on the website each team must appear at the diamonds with the required eight (8) players prepared to play.  If the weather remains inclement, the Umpire will call the game at the diamond. Should your team not appear, a forfeit will be noted.  The Scheduler is responsible for rescheduling all rained out games, which will be posted on the website.  The scheduled game must be played unless inclement weather occurs again.
  13. Forfeited Games: If it appears that you are unable to field a team for a scheduled game, it is required that you contact the Scheduler with 24 hours’ notice so the diamond and the Umpire can be cancelled. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, that team will be responsible for any fees incurred as a result of the forfeiture, including Umpire fees.
  14. Supplying Game Balls: These will be provided and paid for by the League. The home team is responsible for supplying one new ball and a second one in good condition.
  15. Scorebooks: These will be provided and paid for by the League. These are required in order to record the runs, etc. and are to be used as a backup system should there be a problem with the website.
  16. Roster Books: These will be provided and paid for by the League. Each team is responsible for completing a roster card for each game from the book provided. There are 4 self-carbonized sheets and must contain the following information: Team Name, Date, Starting players’ first and last names, Substitute players’ first and last names, Eligible players’ first and last names added during the game and the score of the game.  The sheets will be distributed as follows:
    1. Gold (Team) - kept for team records
    2. Yellow (Umpire) - before the game begins
    3. Pink (Opposition) - before the game begins
    4. White (League) - to be handed in to the Statistician

The white roster sheet as listed above must be submitted to the Statistician via the wooden box in the concession.  The consequence for not handing in the roster cards is a $10.00 fine for each card not submitted, as well as the loss of points.  The roster cards must be handed in within seven (7) days of the played game to the wooden box in the concession. 

According to the Softball Canada Rulebook you can make adjustments to the Roster Cards throughout the game. No player should be on the original submitted roster card if they are not present in the team area, however, eligible roster members may be added to the available substitute list at any time during the game. 

  1. Carded Umpires: Umpires in the league are not required to be carded.
  2. Umpires’ Waiver & Release Forms: All Umpires will be required to sign a Waiver and Release & Code of Conduct Form. It is to be that Umpires will be covered by the Leagues’ insurance policy, as required.
  3. Cleats: No metal cleats are allowed. You may use only plastic or rubber bottomed cleats.
  4. Sliding at Home: This rule is laid out in the rule book provided by Alberta Softball.
  5. Pitcher(s): Any pitcher playing in a league higher than “C” caliber cannot pitch in our league until they have ceased pitching in the above “C” caliber league for one year. If the player was on the previous years’ roster with the five (5) games requirement met then the one year waiting period is waived.
  6. Minor Aged Players: A team may not have more than six (6) players on the roster under the age of eighteen (18), where the minor aged player must be sixteen (16) years of age by January 1st of that season. Each minor player must submit a copy of a drivers’ license and/or birth certificate to the President.
  7. Team Fees: All teams that play for the League are required to pay player fees as determined by the City of Airdrie.
  8. Illegal Player(s): Teams using illegal player(s) shall forfeit the game and the points will be awarded to the opposing team. The use of a player under an assumed name is unethical and plain and simple fraud.  Knowingly using a player under a false name or certificate is ethically wrong.  That player(s) and coaches will be suspended for the remainder of the current season plus one (1) additional season. The entire team may be subjected to suspensions at the discretion of the Executive.
  9. Injured Player(s): In the event an injury occurs and a team does not have an available substitute player on the roster, a team has a right to request a pinch runner. The umpire must approve the request and the batter must be able to reach first base and call “time” to allow the pinch runner to enter.  A runner who obtains an extra base forfeits their right to a pinch runner. The pinch runner is the last person in the batting order that is not on base at the time of use (meaning the person furthest away from the batter who is not on base). If an incorrect player is discovered as the pinch runner, make the change without penalty.  If the pinch runner is due to bat, go to the next person in the batting order without penalty.
  10. Playoff Tournament Eligibility: A player must have played five (5) league games during the season in order to play in the play-off tournament. It must be noted that each game played during the cross-over tournament will count as a full game.  The Statistician will monitor eligibility.
  11. Picking Up Players: Teams are allowed to pick up players, if the following criteria have been met:
    1. The replacement player(s) brings the team to an eight (8) or nine (9) person roster (as teams can play with 8 players and a forfeit is not required);
    2. Notice has been provided to the Executive via email and the opposition; and
    3. The replacement player is not used in the pitcher or catcher positions

Pickup players must be noted on the roster cards for tracking by the Statistician. Games played by replacement players do not count towards their five (5) game qualifications for playoffs as they are not games played with their own team.

During playoffs teams are not allowed to pick up any player from another team. 

Exception: In the event a player is injured during a playoff game and without that player the team will forfeit, the team is allowed to pick up a player from another team allowing them to complete the game, providing they do not substitute into a pitching or catching position.  The pickup player must first come from a team that has been eliminated from playoff contention.  If no team has been eliminated then any player approved by the Executive can be picked up. A member of the Executive must be notified of the situation and will make a decision on the appropriateness of the temporary addition to the roster PRIOR TO the game continuing.

  1. Playoff Coin Toss: For the first round of playoffs the team with the higher seating has home team advantage. After the first round a coin toss will determine home team advantage.  For the final game the team that went undefeated will have home team advantage. Should there be a second game required the team that were visitors in the first game become the home team for the second game.
  2. Tolerance Level: The Umpire is in control of the game and all decisions are final. All Umpires have been instructed to enforce all League rules with no exceptions and zero tolerance.
  3. Protesting a Game: If a team wishes to protest a game, the protest must be made before the next pitch following the play in question. The protesting team must advise the Umpire that the remainder of the game is being played under protest and lodge a written complaint with the Executive within forty-eight (48) hours. As well, the protesting team must advise the Statistician by email within twenty-four (24) hours of the protest so that it can be recorded with the win/loss records.  The Umpire and each team’s coach must sign both games sheets and state that the game was played under protest showing their acknowledgment of the same and are aware that further action may be pending.  No protest will be heard unless this procedure is followed.
  4. Unsportsmanlike Behavior: Any complaints regarding unsportsmanlike behavior must be given to either the President or Vice President within twenty-four (24) hours. It must be noted that this type of complaint will only be accepted if the Umpire did not, in fact, address any unsportsmanlike behavior.  The Executive will then contact the Team Representatives from each team as well as the Umpire to determine the legitimacy of the complaint.  If the complaint is found to be legitimate, the unsportsmanlike parties shall be suspended for one (1) to three (3) game(s) at the sole discretion of the Executive.  All suspensions will be served beginning the next league game immediately following the suspension being handed down. The Umpire may impose a one (1) game suspension for unsportsmanlike conduct he/she encounters.  It is strongly suggested that the teams let the Umpire handle these types of complaints. All Umpires must contact the President with suspensions issued.  The Executive has the option to add on to any suspension handed down by an Umpire.
  5. Suspensions: All suspensions issued by either the Umpire or the Executive shall also carry a fine of twenty-five dollars ($25). Any suspended player(s) is not eligible to play until the suspension is served and the fine has been paid in full.  Should an entire team be suspended, the issued suspension time will accompany the fine of one hundred dollars ($100) and shall be paid in full to resume playing.  In the event a full team has been suspended, the game being served as a suspension is considered a forfeited game. All fines must be paid to the Treasurer within twenty-four (24) hours.
  6. Protocol for Appeals: After the Executive decision has been handed down, a team may express its intent to appeal the decision, in writing to the President within forty-eight (48) hours of the decision being given to them. The formal appeal must be given in writing to the President, citing clear reasons for appealing.  The written appeal must be received within seven (7) days of the date the decision was levied by the Executive. 

The Executive will review the appeal submission and will either:

  1. Deny the appeal for lack of evidence;
  2. Conduct further investigation by contacting additional Executive and team members to determine if any appeal should be accepted. If deemed necessary, a League meeting may be called to determine appropriate action.

The Executive will make a final decision and will be given to all parties concerned in writing.

  1. Contacting Outside Groups: Any person involved in the League is required to conduct themselves within the Bylaws and Rules of the League. This is not specific to, but includes the process of lodging complaints.  All complaints, protests and appeals are to be submitted to the Executive, who handle all League matters and will determine if any outside assistance is necessary. Any contact, in regards to League matters, with any outside organizations, i.e. Alberta Softball Association, the Umpires Association, etc., will not be tolerated. Any complaints filed without following the League procedures will be subject to an automatic suspension for the remainder of the season or longer if deemed necessary.

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